Our Guarentee
Hello and welcome.

In these tuff economical  times we understand that you as the buyer feel the need to get the most for your dollar. We agree so with that being said this is what we offer as a guarantee to you the buyer.

All of our Breeding stock are OFA'd Hips Elbows we have started to also check Knees and Shoulders. This unfortunately does not Guarantee that the pups will be clear from disease just that the parents are not affected. There is no 100% guarantee with hip and elbow dysphasia no matter what other  breeders tell you. Hip dysphasia is a polycentric gene which means that it takes multiple factors to cause the disease so it is impossible to predicted the out come by any means other than x-rays. 

Eyes- There are multiple eye disorders in this breed some of them are the same as with humans. They can get cataracts and Glaucoma these can be checked for by an eye exam. There is also PRA or Progressive Rental Atrophy which if the dog is effected will cause it to go blind at 7 years of age this can only be test for with either a blood sample or cheek swab and sent to optgen for testing the results will come back with these results A=Normal B=Carrier C=affected The hope is to get either A or B which is a dog that will never have the disease.  

DM- Degenerative Myopothy is a disorder of the nervous system. This disease will cause the dogs to be paralyzed starts in the rear and progress up the body. Most often it is confused with Hip dysphasia by vets. You can start to see signs of this at age 7. This is also a polygentic disorder they do have a current test for it but they are not finding it to be 100% in all the results it is still a good place to start this is also done with a cheek swab.

So what do we offer as a guarantee against these disorders. We do routen Cerf testing to check for cataracts and Glaucoma We are testing our dogs for PRA with a check swab or we are only breeding to stud dogs that are a PRA normal/clear "A"  We are also doing DM testing and striving to breed to lines that come back tested as a Normal /Clear with DM this is still not 100%  but it is all that is offered at this time.  We give up to 10 years of age on any puppy that we sell  if the dog should test positive for DM or become affected with DM. All of these disorders we will give a replacement puppy at the time the buyer is ready for one. We do not ask for your dog to be returned just that you provide us with Spay/Neuter from the vet.

I hope this answers questions to all of those looking to purchase a Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy now or in the future.
Rebecca & Kent
RKK Kennels