Picking order

Hello! So you have placed a deposit on 1 of our babies and now you would like to know when you can come and take it home. Well this page is to help explain how the process works.

Step one the deposit... The deposit holds you a puppy of your preferred sex and it places you into your picking order. So lets say there are 10 total puppies 4 boys and 6 girls and you where the second person to send a deposit for a female puppy well that will make you number 3 in line to pick a puppy. How are you number 3? Well as the breeder I always get first pick of both or either sex. 

Step two setting up pick up dates. Ok for you the fun part is starting the day is getting close to when you get to take your baby home. When do these dates and times get set up? I start setting up dates and times when the puppies are 7 weeks old not before. Why? Our puppies get 2 sets of shots 1 at 6 weeks of age and 1 at 8 weeks of age. The 8 weeks set of shots is given by the vet when they get there wellness exam. They can not leave before this and I can not set up anything until this appointment is made. It is very important that these first 2 sets of shots are given 2 weeks apart.  If  8 weeks is on a weekend and falls on Saturday I will take the puppies in on a Friday afternoon for them and than they can start to leave on Sunday as I always keep them 24 hour after shots to make sure that no one has a reaction to them. If 8 weeks falls on a Sunday than they will go the the vet on Monday and start leaving on Tuesday.
If 8 weeks of age falls on a Holiday than the puppies will be taken in for there shots on the soonest date after the Holiday and than pickups can start.  

Step 3 how do I know which puppy is mine..... Well puppies start getting picked up at 8 weeks that is when they are picked out so until the puppies start to leave I can not tell you which puppy is yours. Lets say there are 6 females and you are deposit number 5 well that means you are the last to pick UNLESS I as the breeder decided not to keep my pick OR if someone should back out. 

I know that for you the excitement as the new owner is high and you want everything to go just right. We understand that, but please understand that while you are getting excited to pick up your puppy we are still busy providing care for both your new babies and the adult dogs so please be respectful of our time and know that we are providing the best care that we can for your new baby and limit the amount of emails and calls asking these kind of questions. We will contact you when its time for you to come and pick up your new baby.

Rebecca and Kent
RKK Kennels