Picking up your puppy
Hello everyone I am making this page so that everyone know what to expect when you come to pick up your new family member. Everyone always has the same questions so I am going to answer them here.

Dog food .... The puppies are NutroSource Large breed puppy you will be sent home with a 6 pound bag to get you started. It can be purchased at Menards or at Chewy.com. Please DO NOT buy a different brand we will go over different brands so that if you want to change the kind of food the puppy is on you will know to stay away from.

Vaccines.... Your 8 week old puppy will come with 2 sets of puppy shots which include Parvo,distemper, Andio Virus type 2, sometimes corona depending on the time of year.

Worming...... your puppy is wormed with panacur starting at 3 weeks of age and continued until time of pickup

Contract.... The puppy contract is 8 pages long which includes your health guarantee including the hip, elbow eye DM EIC and much more.

Pedigrees.. your puppies family history will be included.

What you need to bring....A Crate for your puppy to travel in or a person that can hold the puppy on the trip. If you want to bring a leash a slip lead at this age is the best. Most collars are to large at this age and puppies will follow at 8 weeks and will not run off.

Payment.... You can bring Cash(preferred) Money order or personal check. I can take palpal payments but there is a service charge that the buyer is responsible for. for.

I hope that this will answer all of your general questions.